photo credit: electronluv

What a beauty, eh? This is a custom creation by Josh Stippich of ElectronLuv fame. It doesn’t get much sexier …

From Josh’s home page:

“Josh Stippich fell into the business of custom audio manufacturing by accident in 1999.
Originally, he owned a recording studio, but became increasingly dissatisfied by the inadequacies of the equipment. He found a cheap pre-amp from the Internet and bought it, stripped it down, then put it back together at home, making a few explosions in the kitchen along the way.

Since then, fine-tuning custom amps by ear has been a passion for Stippich. He is a self-taught metal worker, who received a lot of guidance as well as tools from his step-father, a sculptor, to perfect the streamlined art deco design of all his amps and pre-amps.

Stippich earned the top Craftsman Award from the Vacuum State of the Art Conference (VSAC) in September 2001. At the conference, Stippich met up with speaker manufacturers Terry and Leslie Cain of the Cain & Cain company, who have championed his products ever since.

Electron Luv has grown from a home experiment into a full-fledged company with a worldwide market, with tube enthusiasts from as far away as Thailand buying his equipment. The native Utahn will remain committed to his traditional recipe for success – painstaking attention to detail and craftsmanship – to achieve quality sound.”

Interested? Click your clicker on over to this link:  http://electronluv.com/