Photo Credit: Cynthia van Elk

“I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best” – Oscar Wilde


You might very well also say that of Jonathan Weiss, he of Oswald’s Mill Audio fame. It is less of a company in the truly corporate sense, and much more of an atelier driven by the visionary thrust of a deeply passionate aesthete.

Pictures here are the babies of his loudspeaker line, the OMA Mini with their optional powered subwoofer.

They are available in a number of various wood finishes, including a natural bamboo.

In his review of the Mini for The High Fidelity Report, Chris Sommovigo came to this conclusion:

“If you are at all an aficionado of tube amplification, and especially low-watt SET amplification, the Mini should be at the top of your very short list for audition. But be prepared – if the Mini hits you in your heart that way it has hit me in mine, you will probably turn your back on the Groundhog-Day sameness of typical audiophilia with its magazine-myths and monthly king-making routines and just settle down for a lifetime of music.”

Care to hear them for yourself? If you find yourself in the NY area, you might just have the chance to check out these – and the rest of OMA’s astounding lineup of heirloom-quality gear – at their massive loft in Brooklyn’s DUMBO area.

Delight your mouse with a hover-n-click to their homepage: OSWALD’S MILL AUDIO