At the crossroads of art and technology we are delivered into the endless universe of Music.




What is it about music that makes some of us go to extreme lengths to hear it with such pristine resplendence?

Music is a kind of medicine, a means of healing otherwise untouchable wounds, a pathway through which one passes from the mundane to the superabundant stratosphere of limitless depth and breadth and meaning. How one arrives to that ‘happy place’ is both irrelevant and yet highly addictive in itself.

Those who choose to leave behind the ordinary world and embrace the risks of somehow participating – as inventors, as creators, as Shamans – they give us the tools we use to reach those extraordinary heights of musical ecstasy.

Audiophile.ONLINE is a celebration of that impossibly rich pageant that is the High End Audio obsession, and an appreciation for those creators and their creations that help to bring us so much musical joy.